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Category: CD/DVD Tools|AutoRun Builders
Developer: Indigo Rose Software


Features: Easy to Use
Completely Visual
Supports All Popular Images Formats
Fully Customizable Design Environment
Publish Direct to CD-R/CD-RW
Open Document Files
Run Programs
Print Documents
Show Microsoft PowerPoint Slides
Display Adobe Acrobat PDF Documents
Play Multimedia Files
Open Website Windows
Publish to Web/Email Executable (Business Edition only)
Send Email Action
Multiple Pages
Interactive Objects
Button Object
Label Object
Paragraph Object
Video Object
Written in C++ for Speed and Reliability
Includes Project Templates
Playback of MPG and AVI Video
Economically Priced
Alignment Tools
Overlap Images
Adjustable Object Z-Order
Mouse-Over Sound Effects
Easy Drag and Drop Development
Custom Window Titles
Highlight Mouse Cursors
Window Masking
Image Transparency
Change Image Opacity
Lock Objects to Page
Background Music (OGG, WAV, WMA)
Alpha Blending and Transparency
Full Help File
Startup Splash Image
Custom Font Attributes
WYSIWYG Design Environment
Startup Actions
Create Autorun CDs
Shutdown Splash Image
Integrated Page Management
Sample Projects
Blend Images
Play Video at Startup
Top Notch Support
Snap To Grid
Play Music
Button Maker
Anti-Aliased Text
Use Any TrueType Font
Text Alignment
Customizable Preferences
Shutdown Actions
Text Rotation
Automatic Spell Checking
Export to AutoPlay Media Studio Format
Undo/Redo Support
Make CD Business Cards
Copy/Paste Objects
Resizable Objects with Aspect Ratio
Custom Windows Shapes
Easy to Follow User’s Guide
Pin Objects to Page
Alignment Rulers
Fast and Fun to Use!

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Autorun MAX! Portable Torrent Download
Autorun MAX! 64-Bit [by RWT_Lion] Torrent Download
As its name implies, Autorun MAX! is a program designed to help you create and design autorun menus for CDs. It can be easily handled, even less experienced users. The tool wrapped in a clean and intuitive interface. You can start a new project, stating name and selecting a template (eg, contract, application, CD business cards, digital postcards, news, sales offer). Autorun MAX! allows you to insert various objects such as buttons, labels and items, along with pictures and videos from your computer. They can be deleted, copied or organized. In addition, you can view the properties of an object, move elements on the front or send them to the back, and use the cancellation and delay functions. Additional features allow you to insert background music, wallpapers, video run and you run and schedule steps to run the project or shutdown (for example, open a document, view website, explore folder). In addition, you can configure the program when it comes to page size, the sound object default style windows, custom icon and the requested level of user privileges. On the Tools menu, you can optimize resources (eg, confirm delete) button to create and customize toolbars, commands, keyboard shortcuts, options and themes. The program requires low to moderate amount of system resources, has a good response time and includes an extensive help file. We did not encounter any bugs in the dialogue in our tests and Autorun MAX! Do not freeze or crash.
Autorun MAX! Torrent Download