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Windows Vista [Windows 7/8] Download Torrent
Windows Vista Torrent
Microsoft is undoubtedly due to the appeal uuml; hrer, when it comes to computer operating systems, because on most Windows PCs, L auml world; paths, preferably in the taste of users. Officially launched in 2007 to life, Windows XP, is a big step forward compared to his Vorg auml; nger can perform, Windows XP into account. Vista brought a number of new features and enhancements, the most important of its redesigned graphical user auml; the che means Rek SINGER help your way around computers with gr ouml; find ereR easier than ever before; Amp; szlig. Au szlig, supplement, search function has been improved, with split-screen functionality auml; t redesigned start menu and use the navigation ;. Another new feature is the Aero-style, transparency, animation, and live miniature otherwise static of Windows wears, so it is both visually appealing and intuitive. Windows Vista is the first operating system from Microsoft Sidebar Gadgets import them into small applet main navigation to hear that as an independent and auml; Quantcast applications behave, and can be downloaded and installed by third parties. Unlike Herk ouml; mmlichen applications these devices are auml; Those with one goal, focused and only basic functions vervollst auml; ndigen (such as calendar, RSS reader, email notifier and so on). If the development of Vista, Microsoft is focused on security and stability and auml t is also patron of UAC and Windows are integrated into the operating system. UAC hm ouml; glicht users to control which programs will be executed using navigation HRT d uuml; F -phenyl (recommended auszuf only softvare Main navigation hear, from certified sources), so beautiful and auml; Deadly Tools K ouml; we can before Sch auml; evaluation of the host computer will be blocked. Unlike XP, Vista is less ANF auml; brand F uuml; R attacks and malware infections. As for the aspects of the updated OS, Windows got the most integrated applications optimized and redesigned, including szlig; Lich Internet Explorer 7, Windows Media Player, Windows Mail (Outlook Express replaced) or the Games Explorer. Although Vista is gradually replacing Windows 7 and newer Windows 8, remains a breakthrough in terms of innovation and improvement, but it was a necessary step to ensure a safe, user-friendly and powerful operating system for generation.